Krash (the_big_bear) wrote,

this happened less than a thousand yards from last nights gig...very tragic

This tragic event happened approx a thousand yards from the place the band played last night.  The clubs located on the Connecticut river, you can pull your boat right up.  The stage (where we play) is in the corner of the place, from the stage I can spit to the water...we were on break between sets when we saw a bunch of police boats speed over to a corner of the river...I spoke with the local fire marshall(a friend, who was at the club)asking him if they'd just pinched someone for a D.U.I(drunk and operating a boat on the water)then he filled us in...I *knew* something bad had happened when a coast guard chopper was buzzing the river...came right to the edge of the sea wall, next to the stage.  50 feet off the water...I could see the pilot...Once we found out was was going on...mac/jamie and I were pretty much sick to our stomachs...kinda hard to carry on/entertain, watch people drink and party while the state police and coast guard are in *recovery* (not rescue) mode looking for the body of a thirteen year old girl.  The band that played after us wasn't too bright.  They were making jokes like *hey my private chopper is here early to pick us up*   that type of shit...asshats...when you see emergency state police boats hauling ass up river and coast guard chopper buzzing the river with spot lights scanning every cornor of the river if you had a brain, you might actually process that something may have gone wrong somewhere...I couldn't take the stupid/mindless/blather any longer.  Between songs, I grabbed the bass player by the arm, pulled him over and told him what was going on.  Needless to say they were more than a bit embarrassed....say a prayer for the family...I did...makes your problems insignificant...
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