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*rocked* my phone interview...hell yea!

ok, those of you that read my journal will note that I on the job *hunt*. Ironically, I have offer coming from everywhere. The two most promising are a job as a mortgage broker and a headhunter/recruiter. Last Wednesday, I was working my second job at Mad Dawgs saloon, when an old co-worker showed up. He running a division of a large mortgage company. Asked how work was..blah, blah, blah...long story short. He offers me a position with a 10k signing bonus...sounds too good to be true. Gotta be a catch, although I *know* other people working there and they're all making big bank...

But the job that I really want is recruiter/head hunter. One of my favorite clients worked for a local firm, she'd best friends with the owner. Bottom line she spoke with him, he's actually looking for someone. He loved my resume, called me Friday afternoon...we had a *phone* interview...I totally rocked it~! I have a formal interview at ten am on Wednesday! Wish me luck!
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