Krash (the_big_bear) wrote,

new job, new life...

Subject line says it all...a quote from my friend Lisa. Working on the new
The new girl has a lot of potential...Great personality, uber adventurous/sexy/sensual,
very intelligent/smart/bright. Very *up front* about life and her past, she hides nothing. She has two teen aged daughters(14 & 18)raising them on her own. She's a fighter/survivor...I dig that. We have much *life experience* in common. We talk for hours about everything and nothing...never boring. We make each other laugh. She tall, thick and curvy...beautiful eyes and long dark hair...sigh...very striking
Love to hear her sultry voice...very hot. Lets just say *E* has an adventurous streak(that rivals mine)...
My kind of Seems like I've found a wonderful gal that has all the same *appetite* for adventure in life without the *crazy*
Possible night out Thursday for dinner and fun, then taking her to a *day of the dead* party on Friday so she can meet some of my friends...
When I land the *new*'s basically 9 am - 5 pm more weekends! I'll have a *regular* life again! For the first time in a really long time, it all feels I'm on the verge of something big...a total paradigm shift...say your prayer, x your fingers and take your vitamins...I could use a break...big_bear_love to all
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