Krash (the_big_bear) wrote,

back from with pics

Flew into Michigan for my nephews baptism this weekend.  Spent the entire weekend with my family.  Stayed at my sister and brother in laws in Ann Arbor.  It was amazing, just what my soul needed.  An entire weekend surrounded by family and the energy of my nephew.  My father wouldn't let go of this  Had to practically pry him from my dad and mom.  Proud and happy grandparents.  It was wild to see my dad such a mush with the baby.
He's such a good baby...happy, bouncy, smiley...very social, loves attention.  He didn't cry all weekend...except when hungry.  Got to feed him twice...I was *up* in the middle of the was so cool.  He's was awesome on Sunday, slept through most of the church ceremony.  Didn't even flinch when they poured the water over his head...had a great reception back at my sisters home, complete with my all my inlaws.  Awesome time.  I'm tired, back at work, but very *jazzed...more pics to follow.


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