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a part of my youth is dead...C.B.G.B's is closing

After thirty three years the legendary club that *birthed* the modern punk/alternative scene is closing it's doors. 

I first walked into C.B's more than twenty years hasn't changed much.  Band stickers and graffiti are/have been the decor ever since the place opened. 

When I was working in the city...mid 80's... a couple of guy's I knew dragged me to this junkie, bum ridden part of NYC.  The Bowery was not a nice place...not the hip, almost yuppie area it is now.
I was lucky enough to gig there twice, once with Joan Jett and another with Billy Idol. 

This little club was know for launching the careers of the Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, T-Heads and countless others.  I wanted to go back one more *see the old girl off* so to speak.  Have a last beer or two, urinate in the legendary bathroom for a last time and just soak in twenty plus years of memories.  All the remaining shows through Sunday(the last nights are sold out).  In classic last minute *Krash* tradition, I make a few calls for a dice.  I decide to roll the dice...end up befriending a guy in line who had an extra ticket. 

Bad Brains was the headlining act tonight...seen em' many times before...didn't care.  Just wanted to soak up the *vibe* of this classic, dumpy, grimy rock club one last time.  If you never made the trip, it was located in the Bowery of's location suites the club to a *T*...just follow Bleaker Street to the end...there you'll find the remains of my youth and one of the finest institutions that rock created. 

Rumor is that the club may re-open in Las Vegas.  Spoke with a couple of stage one really *knows* what'll happen.  Fucking Vegas?
It'll end up like the Hard Rock cafe' or Planet Hollywood....fucking ruined.  I can see it now, in some Steve Winn hotel.  C.B.G.B's the family fun park/restaurant.  Can't wait till every D-bag mom and pop in middle America will be sporting C.B.G.B's tee shirts and ordering the Joey Ramone double bacon cheese burger with a side of Patti Smith chilli cheese fries...fuckers...

They maybe able to duplicate the look, but never the spirit...and never the the stinky, urine soaked, disgusting, graffiti plastered bathrooms.
What's an aging hipster rock and roller to do?  This place WAS the spirit of rock and roll.  The place where you had your first *under age* alcohol while watching Black Flag...

Joey Ramone is spinning in his grave...

big_bear_love to all...x-posted to myspace

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