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I guess I'm going to need to create a new *sex filter*

I took Saturday off from work in order to acclimate my body to weekends  In addition, I had a date with Elizabeth...Wanted to take her to dinner...Upon chatting, we decided that I'd just cook her dinner at my place.  I figured that it'd be a nice relaxing night for her.  She loved the idea.
Spent the afternoon preparing so I could just throw dinner together and chill.  Menu consisted of fresh brochette made with a nice crispy baguette, bunch of cut up veggies and homemade dip....Bought two bottles of my favorite Chardonnay  Sat her on a stool at my breakfast bar, poured her a glass of wine and went to work on the main dish of grilled chicken marsala(from scratch), spring salad and sting beans in a wine/butter turned out perfectly.  Funny, she's so used to running around and cooking for her girls, that she couldn't relax and not  Every time she'd offer to help, I'd sit her back down, give her a kiss and tell her to relax...she finally got the  Every once in a while, she'd come up behind me and rub my shoulders and back, give me a a little kiss...very sweet.  Dinner turned out really well, she was impressed....the rest of the night was spent sprawled out on my couch or in my bed...story for another post.

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