Krash (the_big_bear) wrote,

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loosing a friend sucks...

It's been three days since I've spoken to her...I miss her...not just in a g/f way.  I miss e-mailing and talking to her, hearing about her day...talking about *stuff*.  She's moved on to another guy that's been waiting in the wings for years...whatever...we made a very deep, personal connection.  She said that we'd always be the best of friends...every time we'd talk, I miss that closeness that only two people whom are intimate can share.  I'm happy for her, I really am...but I miss my friend.  I've vowed not to call, contact her...if only to see what she'd will be the forth day without a word.  Unless I contact her, it would appear that it won't happen...loosing a close friend does indeed suck.


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