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I live..therefore I rule...'s been SO long that I forgot my log-on....that being said, I've never forgotten my LJ friends...

Hmmmm, where has time taken me?  Managing lots of different life? romance? soul?
Touch and go @ work...feast or famine...should I say when *stuff* is good..when it's not...yea, you get the picture...

Life? ahead of the game, I think? Not in jail nor living on the street...*middle of the road*... I guess...
Romance?  Once again, thought I'd met the *love of my life*, but alas....not so much...broken and undecided from her previous marriage...I must be getting *smarter* cause I figured it out soon on...not years down the road.  Thank you baby Jesus!

Soul?  I have one...last time I checked...

In spite on all...I'm SO happy to be alive and kicking....many around me that are truly *lost*...

I'm JAZZED!  I get to see my nephew in Michigan for X_mass!  Lots of loudness and stuff!  Revenge on my sister for years of torture!

It's been a while, but I'd love to see devils_mouth and sal for the holidays!  Drinks on me....

To those to I haven't spoken to in a while...I've never forgotten you're kind words of encouragement or support...
Big *up's* to just_shoe_me for drinking Dom Perignon 1986 and hanging out on a ya'


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